Personal Training

We offer Personal training to those individuals who prefer to have a program set out specifically for them.  Whether it’s timing, or your needs that are different we can tailor everything to you.

Benefits of Personal training:

  • Each class tailored to YOU
  • Develop your skills
  • Meet your GOALS!
  • Training for a race?  PT may be the way to win it!
  • Sports Specific requirements? We can help you make the team!
  • training for EMS tests? let’s get you there.
  • Work on mobility, injury prevention, rehab
  • Flexible schedule – 6 am? 2 pm? 9 pm? Weekends?
  • Do it with your partner or child
  • Have one on one attention to help you achieve your goals faster
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Ideal for Elite athletes wanting to finesse their movements and get an edge on the competition
  • Meet your FAT loss goals with more nutritional instruction
  • YOU CAN book 1 class per month to work on skills or do 1 every week – up to you!


1 class – $75

5 classes – $350

10 classes – $650

20 classes – $1200

( each private class is one hour)

Please call 416-451-6214 for more information or email


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