Over 60 Fitness

Time, aging, and lifestyle conspire to put us in long term care homes and alike. The harder we pull toward the elite side of the continuum, the less close we are to the nursing home. If teaching a 57 year old woman to dead lift 200 plus pounds seems extreme, think of the grandmother who can’t pick up her #20 grandson. Which place do you want to be in?

Are you over 60 and looking for a way to be strong and fit!
We understand that when we get older we require different things than a 20 year old athlete. We have designed a program especially suited to those over 60.  Over 70? Fantastic!
14 reasons why you should come out to our over 60 Fitness class:

  1. Be part of friendly and supportive community
  2. workouts geared for over 60
  3. DO MORE!
  4. Improve Bone Density and MUSCLE MASS!
  5. Develop a can do attitude!
  6. Use stairs with ease
  7. Pick up items off the floor ( heavy or not)
  8. Get up off the floor easily!
  9. Get in and out of cars safely
  10. Over 60 athlete? Improve your game!
  11. Stumble/Trip less
  12. Increase Mobility
  13. Have more confidence in every day tasks
  14. Enjoy Life MORE!

We offer our over 60 Classes on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm.

10 weeks – $203.40 incl HST for 20 classes!

Call for more details!  416-451-6214!

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